Who Else Deserves A Stamp?

Elvis, Batman, Penguins, Harry Potter, Butterflies & Garfield all have commemorative stamps.

Who doesn’t have one?

The most decorated military unit in US history.

They fought for freedom abroad when their own government imprisoned their families at home. A stamp is the least we owe the brave Japanese American Soldiers of World War II. The fact it’s been denied this long is up to us to change. Ready to make history for a group who helped write it?

Quick History Lesson

December 7th, 1941.  Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  The US was at war. Americans of Japanese descent suddenly found themselves labeled “enemy alien”… simply because of their heritage.

Ripped from their homes and forced to live in inhumane conditions, 110,000 were rounded up and placed in incarceration camps. Most lost everything.

Despite this injustice, something remarkable happened. Out of despair grew a resolve within the Japanese American community…a desire to prove their loyalty to the United States.

From Hawaii and from behind barbed wire on the mainland, young men volunteered for military service by the thousands. The US Army put them in their own segregated units, the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Six thousand others served in the Military Intelligence Service.

Originally seen as expendable cannon fodder, the combined 100th/442nd would defy all odds and become the most decorated unit in US military history for its size and length of service. The Military Intelligence Service is credited with helping shorten the war by two years.

Over 70 years ago, they stood up to proudly serve a country that called them the enemy. Isn’t it time we stand up for them? The Japanese American Soldiers of World War II.

True American heroes. Truly deserving of a commemorative stamp. (at the very least)

Incredible Stats

  • 33,000 Japanese Americans Served During WWII
  • 18,000+ Total Military Awards
  • 9,486 Purple Hearts
  • 30 Distinguished Service Crosses
  • 21 Medals of Honor

Stomp for a Stamp

Full Disclaimer

This isn’t the first attempt to nominate this deserving group of Americans for a US commemorative stamp. While it’s not the first time, we hope it will be the last. According to the USPS…

The Postal Service welcomes written suggestions for stamp subjects that help portray the diversity of the American experience for a worldwide audience.

Stamps that “help portray the diversity of the American experience”? Is there a better example than the Japanese American Soldiers of World War II?

While there are eleven eligibility guidelines for all stamp recommendations (read all about them here), we feel this initiative passes the test. The Post Office will ultimately decide upon the image for the stamp.

We’d like to recognize the efforts of The Nisei World War II Stamp Campaign. They’ve been fighting for this stamp for years. Check out their site for the latest campaign updates.

Help Make History!

You. Yes, “YOU!” can help make history for those who sacrificed so much in the face of prejudice and doubt. Go For Broke National Education Center has partnered with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jeff MacIntyre on the TheyDeserveAStamp.org effort.

We are currently coordinating our efforts with organizations around the country as we prepare to launch this initiative. Please share your name and email address and we promise to do the following:

  • Send details on how you can be part of the movement to urge the USPS to honor the Japanese American soldiers with their own commemorative stamp.
  • Keep you updated on the progress of the initiative.
  • NEVER share or spam your email address. We value and respect your privacy and are honored by your support.

Have you ever wondered, Can I really make a difference?

This is an opportunity to say, “YES, I can!”

Join They Deserve A Stamp and rally our nation to honor an incredible group of soldiers who deserve nothing less. True American heroes. Truly deserving of the honor.

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